This is the official website for the book Earth Engine with R. The book is intended for R users who wish to learn how to use R and Google Earth Engine in the same workflow. There is a full overview of the GEE API functionality, multiple real-world applications, and a detailed description of all rgee and rgeeExtra features. The majority of the examples are directly adapted from the original Earth Engine documentation and rebuilt in R.

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If you find the book useful, please support it by:

  • Starring rgee, rgeeExtra, or rgeebook GitHub repositories.
  • Communicating about the book in digital media, e.g., via Twitter.
  • Asking questions about, making suggestions, or even better, proposing a PR on Github.

This book was written by Junior Calvo, Fernando Herrera, Karen Gonzales, Joselyn Inga and Cesar Aybar. We gratefully acknowledge financial support from the


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